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We encourage customers of Tenant Screening Background Check to write a review and provide your feedback on this reporting which includes comprehensive tenant screening services and online background check reports covering personal and company background investigations derived from nationwide data.

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Tenant Screening Background Check
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by Cheryl Harrison on Tenant Screening Background Check
Awesome tenant screening service!

I'm very happy to say that I have had no problem tenants using Private Eye Reports after screening many applicants over the past 6 years. I look for the red flag warnings provided and this nearly always means move on to the next applicant. This is by far the most thorough and up-to-date reporting I have ever seen after managing properties for 32 years.

by Jason Reed on Tenant Screening Background Check
A big thank you!!

I just used your service for the first time and I am totally amazed at how your reporting is so much better than the report that my realtor just provided to me from Berkshire Hathaway. You found an eviction that was not on their report and this is proof to me that bigger isn't better. Thank you you for saving me from destruction. You guys are awesome!!

by Sandra Ratiu on Tenant Screening Background Check
Thank you for your great service!

I can't imagine how I could manage my properties without your incredible reporting that has saved me from disaster more than one time.

by Karen Sanchez on Tenant Screening Background Check
Follow the flags for success

I love this service that provides me with tons of information on my rental applicants. I first learned the hard way by not doing any screening with disastrous results and having to evict tenantsj because I didn't have any clue about their track records. But after being referred to this site by a friend who manages properties, I quickly learned that this is the way to go. They provide you with warnings if there are issues like judgments, evictions, pending bankruptcies, criminal history, problems with credit, etc, its usually a good sign to avoid these kind of renters.

by Lori Shaw on Tenant Screening Background Check
good customer service

I applied for a property as a tenant and I was directed by my landlord to order these reports before I was approved. They provide quick, friendly service.

by jeanene on Tenant Screening Background Check

excellent!!! I would not have accepted my tenant without the information I received.

by Charles Stevenson on Tenant Screening Background Check
This is exactly what I was looking for

Turnaround time is quick and the reports give me exactly the kind of information I need to make good decisions about my applicants.

by Howard Paul Shore on Tenant Screening Background Check
What A Great Tenant Screening Background Check Company!

I have used this company for several years and would use NO other!

Lex and his company do a Fine Job In Providing Background Checks and their reports are quite thorough.

You have two choices and I always have my prospective tenants do the more expensive one for $39.95 because You get Very Good Results which cover their Eviction History, Credit History, Criminal History, Employment History, Residential History, etc.

It is very hard today to find a company as good as Tenant Screening Background Check (also known as Private Eye Reports).

Furthermore, Not Only Is There Work Good, but they are Honest and have a lot of experience in analyzing backgrounds for various inquiries such as for tenant screening, employment, etc.

I more than Highly Recommend them to anyone needing a thorough background check.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Homeowner And Client


by Marcie B. on Tenant Screening Background Check
Avoid the Red Flags!

I use these reports to eliminate high risk potential tenants. I don't want to see judgments, evictions, serious criminal history, and pending bankruptcies. I also look for credit scores above 700 without collection, delinquent or chargeoff accounts.

by Andrew Trivison on Tenant Screening Background Check
We're big fans of Private Eye Reports

My management company requires each one of our prospective tenants to complete this nationwide background check with credit. We have placed hundreds of tenants over the last 6 years without having to do a single eviction. This would otherwise be impossible without this valuable reporting.

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