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We encourage customers of Tenant Screening Background Check to write a review and provide your feedback on this reporting which includes comprehensive tenant screening services and online background check reports covering personal and company background investigations derived from nationwide data.

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Tenant Screening Background Check
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 52 reviews
 by Karen Reid
A big thank you!!

I'm so grateful for all that you do. You have kept me out of trouble so many times with my rental.

 by Rick Salcedo
better than others I have used

I'm a landlord and just saw a video on Facebook about this tenant screening service, so I decided to try it out & I was surprised do discover that it's much better than the one I have been using for the past 6 years. This reporting is much more detailed and current. I also like the red flag alerts that specifically show high risk warnings. The credit reporting provides a FICO score as well as a good credit summary that saves a lot of time.

 by Max Chang
extremely helpful reporting

I own 5 rental units & I 've had great success with placing good tenants using this service. I always order a full background check and credit report on each adult applicant. Since I've started using this reporting, I have been able to eliminate those problematic tenants that were a big source of pain in my life.

 by Pierrette Tanner
Fantastically helpful service!

Prior to using this service, we had a tenant who was selling meth, had to be evicted, and destroyed the home. It took us six months to get it back into shape to rent again. Since discovering Private Eye Reports, we are happy to say, we've had wonderful, respectful, responsible tenants in all of our properties, nothing but success!

 by Jason Whitlock
Grateful for your awesome service!

When I screened my tenants with you nearly a year ago before COVID here in NY, I had no idea how important it would be with a eviction moratorium now in place. I'm very grateful for the thorough work that you do! They have turned out to be fantastic renters.

 by jennifer kimble
very user friendly service

I've found this service very handy and easy to use to process my rental applications and I also appreciate the very quick turnaround.

 by Allen Bourcier
Very happy with your tenant screening reports

I have been a property manager for 23 years and just started using your service after using a number of other different companies and data sources to check out my potential tenants. So far, I am very impressed with how your reporting appears to be far more current and thorough the anything I have used before. I will refer others to you. Thank you!

 by Jessie Cooper
Very helpful reporting!

I highly recommend this service. I applied for a lease and was told to come to this website for a tenant check. They are very quick and responsive and I appreciate the personalized support answering my questions.

 by Sean Parker
Thank you for your fantastic reporting!

I have now used your service for 3 years and I've never had more success as a landlord selecting good tenants. Before, I was using one of those big bureaucratic companies that advertises like crazy, but provided crappy service and when it came to quality reporting, it was a total joke. I will never go back to having to frequently file eviction notices because of having to go through a bunch of red tape just to receive bad data.

 by Cheryl Harrison
Awesome tenant screening service!

I'm very happy to say that I have had no problem tenants using Private Eye Reports after screening many applicants over the past 6 years. I look for the red flag warnings provided and this nearly always means move on to the next applicant. This is by far the most thorough and up-to-date reporting I have ever seen after managing properties for 32 years.

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