Rental Application

Printable Rental Application in PDF Format

Insure Successful Tenant Screening Verification with a Signed Rental Application


Far too frequently when it comes to rental credit, landlords neglect the process of having their prospective tenants complete the rental application when conducting a tenant background check.  This will greatly enhance the success of your tenant screening process.  Ask each adult rental applicant to complete, sign and date a separate rental application.  And remember, landlords can ask their applicants to pay for a tenant background check and tenant credit report with FICO score.

Don't overlook this powerful tenant screening tool for successful online background check reports

  • Compare previous addresses provided by your applicant with those which appear in the online background check.
  • Ask your applicant to be forthcoming with any evictions and felony criminal history.
  • Document your applicant's employment and income.
  • Determine ALL other household members and e-renter applicants
  • Obtain Credit and Banking References
  • Establish written permission with this downloadable rental application from your applicant to obtain a credit report with FICO score.

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