What is the difference between the Tenant Screening Report and a Background Check Report?

Both reports include our Private Eye Background Check Report which is a comprehensive background personal history and/or detailed background company history if requested. It includes complete nationwide data from every court in all 50 states for all evictions, judgments, liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures + detailed personal address history, real estate ownership, etc.

Ordering a Tenant Screening Report requires you to enter a valid Social Security Number for the person for which you are requesting a report and it also contains the Bank and Debtor report which includes recent collection efforts, credit inquiries and currently open trade lines. We offer the Tenant Screening Report as a superior alternative to simply ordering a credit report which often misses many key bits of information which are vital to evaluating a rental application. Prospective tenants often lie about their background history and financial condition. We aim to provide you with the ability to avoid bad tenants by arming you with a relevant background history and give you the flexibility of receiving a report with or without recent open collection accounts, depending on your needs.

What makes your Private Eye reports the best option for obtaining a tenant screening or personal background check on an individual or the background history of a company?

We exist to offer superior information which is more current and comprehensive than what you will find from any other single source. We have found from personal experience that there are many services claiming to offer background checks or tenant screening which are simply inadequate and the information they provide is often very outdated, vague and incomplete. We work very hard to provide you with the information you need to evaluate a person or company of interest. We know that if we can furnish the information you are seeking, you will continue to use our service in the future and refer others to our service which provides extremely valuable reporting for those seeking comprehensive background info.

What information do you need in order to produce a Private Eye Background Check Report?

We can typically be identify anyone in a Private Eye Search with simply a name and any previous address within the past 10 years. However, sometimes we get requests for a person with a very common name with vague address information. For example, finding the correct Robert Smith in Chicago, IL would be virtually impossible unless we had further information to go off of such as a SSN, date of birth, specific previous address, other associated family members, etc.

What information do you need in order to produce a Private Eye Tenant Screening Report?

We insist on having a First and Last Name and a valid SSN to run a Tenant Screening report because in order for us to produce the entire report we must enter a full Social Security Number to access the credit report information which comes with this report in addition to all of the information contained in the Private Eye Background Check report.

What will happen if I order a Private Eye Tenant Screening Background Report from you and you cannot find this person or company?

This happens extremely rarely But if and when it does happen simply provide you with a refund or issue you a credit to apply to a different search, whichever you prefer. We offer a full money-back guarantee to be able to provide you with the Private Eye Background Check report for the person for which you are seeking information about. We have data on virtually everyone that has lived within the United States for any significant amount of time.

How can I be sure that the Private Eye Background Report that I order is for the same person or business entity that I am investigating?

When you order a report on a person it will contain the Personal Identifiers including the truncated social security number, month/year of birth, and a genecology of current and previous addresses. Additionally, other identifiers are household members, relatives, and other person associates. We very rarely have any issue with sending a report for the wrong person and should this ever happen, we will promptly research the issue and get you the report for the correct person.

How Current is the information that you provide in the Private Eye Tenant Background Check Reports?

We have a significant amount of experience with private investigation and we have made it our passion to provide the the most current and comprehensive background information you will find available anywhere. With that said, it is important to know that anytime you are accessing databases with literally billions of records, there are occasionally errors because some information is entered by private date providers and for this reason as a disclaimer we suggest independent verification of the data that you receive.