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Find Good Tenants

Tenant Screening: Find Good Tenants and Avoid the Nightmares Avoid Expensive Litigation with Tenant Screening As a rental property…
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Section 8 Housing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Section 8: Advantages and Disadvantages Section 8 Housing offers both pros as well as cons. The actual primary theoretical benefit could be that…
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Bankruptcy Filings in a Tenant Background Check?

Bankruptcy Filings Found in a Tenant Background Check Very frequently when we are conducting a tenant background check, we discover that the applicant…
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Avoid Expensive Litigation with Effective Tenant Screening

Avoid Evictions with effective tenant screening by knowing what red flags to look for when evaluating rental applications. Avoid…
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Evaluating Tenants with a Background Check


AIRCRAFT AND FAA REGISTRATIONS  - SAMPLE BACKGROUND CHECK REPORT  Aircraft and FAA Registraions - 7 records found 1: FAA US Aircraft Registrations Aircraft Number: 8038V…
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Tenant Screening: Investigating the Personal Background History of the Rental Applicant

[caption id="attachment_137" align="alignleft" width="192"] Conducting Tenant Screening Verification Puts you ahead of over 80% of other landlords who don't do any tenant screening.

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FICO Scores: Unreliable for Tenant Screening

FICO Scores: Unreliable for Tenant Screening? Unfortunately, there are still many landlords who still continue to use FICO credit scores as the sole…
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Reasons You Should Conduct Tenant Background Screening

Tenant Background Screening can reduce bad tenants by as much as 90%. Unfortunately, there happens to be millions of…
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Tenant Screening Red Flags

Be careful and pay close attention to the red flags that may appear in a tenant screening report. Tenant…
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